Author: Matthew Hockenberry

Logistical Fictions

Status: 3 Moving Objects

In the Virginia headquarters of the software company Eurisko Corporation, an argument between company founder Brad Wilczek and CEO Benjamin Drake ensues. Wilczek tells Drake that his recent decisions are “killing my company” and angrily leaves. Later on, Drake writes a memo in which he proposes to end the “C.O.S. project,” citing a “disastrous performance” […]

Logistical Fictions

Stepping Out

Willis Linsay’s original “Stepper,” as anonymously posted online. 2015: Madison, Wisconsin. Cop Monica Jansson has returned to the burned-out home of one Willis Linsay, a reclusive and some said mad, others dangerous, scientist. It was arson but, as is often the way, the firemen seem to have caused more damage than the fire itself. Stepping […]

Logistical Fictions

Underlying Instabilities

One might assume the collapse of Jurassic Park (1993) and Jurassic World (2015) are similar sorts of events. The former descends into chaos as a result of Dennis Nedry’s attempt to misappropriate embryos for InGen’s competitor Biosyn. The second follows from the inadvertent release of the Indominus Rex. But from a structural standpoint, each sequence […]

Logistical Fictions

Stay on Target

Production design is one of the most underrated aspects of filmmaking and fictional consoles and interfaces can have an actual impact on those we’re sitting in front of in the real world. Over the last decade or so, Minority Report‘s gesture-based virtual swiping screens have been credited with having the biggest impact on what we think a good […]


Supply Studies Studio

It was my pleasure this month to visit the Portuguese island of Madeira and organize an intensive workshop for HCI, Design, and Computer Science MS and PhD students at M-ITI interested in exploring topics in&emdash;and developing interventions for&emdash;supply studies. Now that we’ve wrapped up, I thought I would put some of the summary information here […]

Logistical Fictions

Fully Operational

As we’ve already suggested, Jurassic World has the potential to truly revel in the kind of functioning park we were never really able to see in the original film. The recent release of marketing material for the forthcoming blockbuster spares no expense, offering exactly the kind of publicity we would expect for any world-class contemporary zoo.