Logistical Fictions

Mon is the measure of all things

There is almost no industry in this world that is not touched by Pokémon. Energy is either naturally sourced, as in the Sinnoh region’s Valley Windworks, or is generated directly by Electric-type Pokémon. Burly Fighting-types like Machops perform manual labor, working as stevedores in Driftveil City and miners in Oreburgh. Flying-types as small and common as the humble Pidgey can be taught to carry adult humans great distances, so the automotive industry is tiny—cars are only found in metropolises like Castelia and Lumiose, and most towns are connected only by bicycle lanes or unpaved footpaths. Even crime and punishment are carried out through Pokémon. Criminal syndicates like Team Rocket are in the Pokémon-stealing racket, and cops are mostly Officer Friendly types who travel with Growlithes, loyal fire-spitting hounds, instead German shepherds.

Mon is the measure of all things: Unraveling Pokémon’s utopian economy