Logistical Fictions

Status: 3 Moving Objects

In the Virginia headquarters of the software company Eurisko Corporation, an argument between company founder Brad Wilczek and CEO Benjamin Drake ensues. Wilczek tells Drake that his recent decisions are “killing my company” and angrily leaves. Later on, Drake writes a memo in which he proposes to end the “C.O.S. project,” citing a “disastrous performance” and projected quarterly losses. Seeing this through a security camera, the C.O.S. (Central Operating System), a computer that runs the entire building, sets up an elaborate booby trap, luring Drake into a bathroom with an overflowing faucet. While distracting Drake with an automated time-message phone call, the door to the bathroom shuts. Seeing that the door can’t be opened either by hand or with a key card, Drake resorts to using an electronic key. However, when he puts the key into the keyhole, a massive electric current sends him flying across the room, killing him. The C.O.S. machine’s lights are still running after the horrific event and eventually shut down, verbally stating “FILE DELETED.”

X-Files Season 1, Episode 7, “Ghost in the Machine” (1993)