Logistical Legacies of the Bauhaus

In the chapter “Telephone, Color Chart, Napkin: The “Logistical Legacies of the Bauhaus” in Laura Forlano, Molly Wright Steenson, and Mike Ananny’s Bauhaus Futures, out now with MIT Press:

“Hockenberry engages with the logistical legacies of the Bauhaus and their implications for the future of remote production in artistic practice and industrial manufacturing…considering the Bauhaus as a site of investigation into the possibilities of distribution, mobility, and assembly, he argues that its legacy is a form of design that is obfuscating and instrumental.”

β€œTelephone, Color Chart, Napkin: Logistical Legacies of the Bauhaus,” Bauhaus Futures, edited by Laura Forlano, Molly Wright Steenson and Mike Ananny, 273-285. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2019.
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