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Techniques of Assembly

This article examines the techniques that constitute logistical operation, suggesting the application of the chaîne opératoire to the abstract structure of the supply chain. Building on a German media theoretical approach to “cultural techniques” and the idea of “logistical media,” it argues for assembly as an ur-mediative technique, one produced both before and beside attendant […]

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Logistical Legacies of the Bauhaus

In the chapter “Telephone, Color Chart, Napkin: The “Logistical Legacies of the Bauhaus” in Laura Forlano, Molly Wright Steenson, and Mike Ananny’s Bauhaus Futures, out now with MIT Press: “Hockenberry engages with the logistical legacies of the Bauhaus and their implications for the future of remote production in artistic practice and industrial manufacturing…considering the Bauhaus […]

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Logistical Fictions

I’ve been impressed by the curatorial capabilities (or rather, the curatorial popularity) of tumblr. While I can’t hope to achieve the same level of precision as my favorite tumblr sites, I think I can do an adequate enough job with a slightly broader remit. I’ve created Logistical Fictions as a means of: Indexing the fictional […]


Material World Refresh

Hey everyone, just wanted to direct you over to Material World, where we just put out a bit of a refresh. This includes the Occasional Paper Series, the latest of which is on Properties & Social Imagination, edited by Adam Drazin, Haidy Geismar and Camilla Sundwall and designed by Camilla Sundwall and Miffy Yang. Here’s […]